Our Mission Statement

First Baptist Church, Berkley is a multicultural, caring, concerned, committed community church.  We exist for the glory of God by working to transform lives from the   inside out.

We transform lives by:

1. Attracting men and women to belief in Jesus Christ.

      2. Equipping believers to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and


      3. Empowering our membership to make a positive difference.

We Accomplish Our Mission:

  •  Through Worship Services
  • That are filled with the presence of Christ, praising Him, exalting Him, and responding to Him with thankful hearts of praise.
  • That create an atmosphere that generates an obedient response.
  • By Lifestyle Evangelism
  • Through effective prayer and fasting
  • By the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Through a clear precise vision that becomes the desires of our hearts
  • Through our love for one another